Now This is What I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout!

The following is a comment I received from Dr. Bramhall, in response to my post here:

Well, I guess I’m really fortunate to belong to a really strong and effective local group called Climate Justice Taranaki. We have successfully gotten one fracking rig shut down because it exceeded legal noise levels and we’re successfully persuading farmers not to sign new consents for oil companies to drill on their lands. Last year, we also worked closely with the Commissioner for the Environment, who’s issued an extremely damning report on the absence of regulation of fracking wells in our province. About 10 months ago Tag Oil was planning to do new exploratory drilling on Mt Taranaki and a combination of weekly protests at their office and a drop in global oil prices persuaded them not to:

The other really good thing about living in rural New Zealand is we get really good coverage. The local newspaper is on our side:

We’ve also persuaded New Plymouth District Council to adopt a bylaw opposing “landfarming”this insane practice of spreading fracking waste on pasture they use to graze dairy cows: (emphasis added)

Dr Bramhall lives in New Zealand, and she has helped, greatly, to open my eyes and mind to self-governing/sustaining communities. Dr Bramhall’s activism is outside the mainstream, because she is not interested in maintaining governments’ status quo. Dr Bramhall desires a better world for all of humanity, a world where truly free individuals come together, collectively, and create communities that are not reliant on mega-systems of government, controlled by a minority of wealthy, powerful psychopaths.

I shared this comment with you, as I did my original post, to encourage you to see that there are other ways of living life, beyond selling your soul to a system of government that, in the end, will have only treated you like a beast of burden.

I encourage you to check out the site Dr Bramhall refers to here, and the site that spawned my original post!

2 thoughts on “Now This is What I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout!

  1. Thanks for posting my comment. I think the important thing to remember is that there are millions of local groups around the world like Climate Justice Taranaki that are both fighting corporate corruption and working to build a new society in which people run things themselves. Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest, tried to count them about eight years ago but gave up when he got to two million.


  2. 2 million plus!! I din’t know this either. Wonderful!

    This is why I have been posting Cienfuegos’ articles. I want people to wake up to this movement and see that there are alternatives out there!

    Thanks, for all you do!


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