What No One Is Supposed To Know About Vaccination

“Vaccine promoters are quick to point out that the injection of disease organisms into the body produces a response in the form of the appearance of “antibodies” in the blood. That is undeniably true, though the name is arbitrary and may be misleading by design. The fact is that the presence of “antibodies” does not mean the person will not get the disease they are being injected with. This happens commonly, and is listed as a “side effect” on many vaccine inserts that patients are not supposed to ask for or read (Blaylock, 2013). In addition, many people without detectable antibodies to a disease exhibit immunity to the disease anyway. If you point out this logic that calls the entire theory of vaccination into question, you will most likely be attacked, and labeled as “anti-science” by the huge money interests you are questioning. Medical doctors who persist in making this point can lose their licenses (Humphries & Bystrianyk, 2013). This is about intimidation and power, not about any real science.”