Sunday’s Rant

Read and consider the following, and then take a good look around at the mess we have made!


I will be 73 years old in a couple of months. The day I was born the New York Times headline screamed that the Russians were retreating at Stalingrad before General von Paulus’ all conquering German 6th Army and the end was nigh.

Having been born in 1942 I spent my adolescent years in Brooklyn in the 1950s. Ike was President. I graduated high school at 16 on a Thursday and went to work on Monday.

As a kid I always had Summer jobs. One Summer I worked on a fruit and vegetable truck; another year I delivered groceries. At 15 I was an usher in a movie theater. Today there are few Summer jobs for kids that young. They’ve all been filled by adults working for the minimum wage thanks to capitalism. And getting a Summer job is no longer expected; indeed most parents wouldn’t want a 15 year…

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