HPV vaccine has done this to my child (7:51)

Please! Please! Please! Read and watch the following, if you can stand it, and then don't allow the medical/pharmaceutical complex to perpetrate the same, or similar, premeditated crime on your children!

Hydration myths debunked, in 5 easy sips

"According to a study done..." by "scientific" stooges of the corporate swine. Science is not a god, nor are scientists! We are allowed to question a Phd, just in case you weren't aware! We need to stop responding like Pavlov's pooch!

“Climate Change Conference Participant Sounds The Alarm”

Image" Courtesy of Zen Gardner As I've written before, this "climate change" issue has become so political (left vs right vs middle), so horribly convoluted, that I truthfully don't know which side to believe. So my position, up to now, has been one of skepticism and ambivalence. I do, just to clarify, firmly believe the … Continue reading “Climate Change Conference Participant Sounds The Alarm”