True art, like the following poem, gets us in touch with the rest of creation and our selves, who we really are. Be thankful for those who are still in touch with their heart and the magic that lies therein, the spiritual and the imagination!


We never fought much
or so I remember
and only once
did I make you cry

A life time together
reduced to moments
now less defined
less remembered

a kiss on the bow
of a Brooklyn bound ferry
when I was Leo, you were Kate
  longbefore they were to be

and our trips to the north
where we walked in Autumn leaves;
you wore my t-shirt
nipples erect

our time in Ayer
when I was your hero
for killing the dragon fly
while you screamed in our bed, desire forgotten

Now I sit in the summer sun
a warm breeze blowing from the sea
smiling at a dragon fly
perhaps you sent to comfort me

as the dark cloud intrudes in memory
shades of the day I had to tell you;
I couldn’t get through without making you cry
  it mattered notmy good intentions

for I…

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