The American Nightmare: The tyranny of the criminal justice system

“Unfortunately, in the real world, justice is harder to come by, fairness is almost unheard of, and truth rarely wins.”

“Where Justice Is A Game!”


2 thoughts on “The American Nightmare: The tyranny of the criminal justice system

  1. As a child, I was a big fan of Perry Mason, a TV series about a clever defense lawyer who kept getting defendants off who were wrongly accused by corrupt police and prosecutors. I was really bothered that this might happened to me. When I asked my mother about it, she said so long as I made sure to get home by midnight every night I would probably be all right.

    As an adult, I find this answer extremely illuminating. Clearly even my ultra conservative Republican mother saw there was a problem with the criminal justice system – and this was her way of dealing with it.


  2. Oh yes, I’m sixty-five, so I remember Mason and all the propaganda that came with Perry and crew.

    My parents evidently understood this as well, now that you mention it. When I was a “bad boy,” my parents, every once in a while, would threaten me by saying they would have a policeman take me away until I learned to behave.

    Of course, this could have also been a naive perspective by my parents: “The police take bad people and make them good”


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