Worlds Apart: The Enduring Significance of Ojibwe Culture

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

It makes me angry when I hear about cultural competence. There aren’t any cultural differences between the people on the reservation and the rest of the residents in the county. The culture is gone; it’s a thing of the past. (County Decision Maker, October 15, 2001)

To say there is not a culture is not true. It justifies them [county social services and court systems] for not learning about us. (Terrence, Ojibwe Community Member, October 19, 2001)

These statements were given voice by Ojibwe and Euro-American community members during a critical ethnographic study in 2001-2002. One perspective carried more weight. Because of the speaker’s gender, ethnicity, and position, the statement symbolizes one of the many ways in which Ojibwe sovereignty continues to be constrained and traditional lifeways, disparaged.

The Ojibwe community I studied had been confined on an ever-decreasing landbase and subjected to the policies and institutions…

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GMO Tainted Food: Not Fit For Consumption!

Image: We the individuals are being systematically poisoned through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the "medications" we are prescribed and the food we eat. We live in the wealthiest nation that has ever existed, and yet we the individuals are as unhealthy, or worse, as people in third world nations. Needless … Continue reading GMO Tainted Food: Not Fit For Consumption!

A Texas Town Fires Police Dept., Hires Private Citizens for Security, but Guess What Happened to Crime?

Police Departments? We don’t need no stinking police departments!

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A Texas Town Fires Police Dept., Hires Private Citizens for Security, but Guess What Happened to Crime?

The community of Sharpstown, Texas decided that they didn’t need the police any longer. They made a controversial decision to fire the local police department and hire private citizens, granted no special rights that ordinary citizens do not have, to keep them safe.

That was back in 2012, and since then, Sharpstown residents say the private security company, SEAL Security Solutions, have done a much better job than the police used to. Crimes is down 61% in only 20 months.

James Alexander, the director of operations for SEAL Security Solutions says that,

“Since we’ve been in there, an independent crime study that they’ve had done [indicates] we’ve reduced the crime by 61 percent,” according to

All of that and they don’t have any special rights that you or I don’t have.

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“Freedom And Central Planning Can Never Coexist”

Image: I would like to believe, and have had hope up to this point, that humanity as a whole is awakening to this elite-created grand-illusion being perpetrated on the world. But truthfully, I am beginning to have doubts that this "full awakening of humanity" can or ever will happen. So it behooves those of … Continue reading “Freedom And Central Planning Can Never Coexist”

Dispelling the Overpopulation Myth

“Overpopulation” is simply an elite created excuse, a rationale, for depopulating the earth of those the elite consider to be “not fit for life.”

It’s a eugenics inspired myth, a eugenics inspired bald faced lie!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Don’t Panic – The Truth About Population

Hans Rosling (2013)

Film Review

In Don’t Panic, world famous Swedish statistician Hans Rosling disputes the myth of the “population bomb.” Rosling starts by documenting the radical drop in fertility in the last forty years and examining specific factors behind it. He predicts that global population will peak at 11 billion around 2100 and start to decline.

The average global fertility rate in 1963 was 5 children per woman; today it’s 2.5 and still dropping. Asia, which holds 4 billion of the world’s 7 billion population, has the largest impact on shrinking fertility rates.

Rosling hones in on Bangladesh to explain this phenomenon. In 1963 Bangladesh had a fertility rate of 7 children per woman; today it’s 2.2. This relates largely to heavy investment by the Bangladeshi government in reducing the birth rate. Their primary strategy is to encourage teenage girls to…

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