A Sane View in this Insane World!

Image: Zen Gardner.com I am posting this once again, and for these reasons: 1) I am no longer a religious person, nor hold to any "Thou Shalt Not..." of any kind. But I still believe life begins at conception and is precious. And I could give a rat's ass about the unsubstantiated claims, the "scientific … Continue reading A Sane View in this Insane World!

“Technocracy and the Scientific Matrix”

Konrad Lorenz. I once loved science and even considered it as a career option when I was in high school. But the science I once knew and loved has, over the last forty-plus years, been infected and almost completely destroyed by the same virulent disease that destroys everything it comes in contact with: corporate-capitalism, or … Continue reading “Technocracy and the Scientific Matrix”