NASA: Lies Piled on Top of Lies (Follow-Up)

If whatever IT is has anything to do with the elite owned and operated U.S. Corporation, then IT will be a manipulation/scam/fraud/false-flag/psy-op/bald-faced lie: Nasa 1969 Moon Landing Set Footage During the “Cold War” the USA wanted to convince the world of their dominance in near space.  Using their great technology and the all time American … Continue reading NASA: Lies Piled on Top of Lies (Follow-Up)

Something’s Brewing: #45

It appears that Pig Pharma has come up with a new covert means of getting its ineffective and toxic vaccines into our children and ourselves: Edible Vaccines: What’s in your Banana? By Experimental Vaccines Is a new era of vaccine-infused foods upon us? As Kenny Valenzuela covers in this video, according to an article entitled … Continue reading Something’s Brewing: #45

Job Cuts Soar To Highest Since September 2011 • Highest YTD Layoffs Since 2009

Concerned American Dad

It’s getting harder to keep the earrings on this lipsticked pig of an economy.


While we await for the BLS to report another seasonally adjusted Initial Claims report which will be near multi-decade lows, a far more disturbing report was released moments ago by outplacement consultancy Challenger Gray, which has done a far better job of compiling true layoff data, and which reported that in July there was a whopping 105,696, up 136% from the 44,842 job cuts in June, and the highest in nearly four years, or since September 2011, which the last time there were more than more than 100,000 layoffs.


Worse, the July surge brings the year-to-date job cut total to 393,368, which is 34% higher than the 292,921 cuts announced in the first seven months of 2014. This represents the highest seven-month total since 2009, when 978,048 job cuts were announced amid the worst…

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