The Role of Western Medicine in the Epidemic of Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease

For all you fellow chubs out there, here is a documentary and review you should check out!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Carb Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat

Directed by Lathe Poland (2014)

Film Review

Carb Loaded follows the personal journey of a 40 something male (one of the filmmakers) who suddenly develops type II diabetes, despite being physically fit and follow a “heart healthy” diet. What he discovers is that the low fat, high carbohydrate promoted for fifty years by Food Inc, the USDA, and the American Dietetic Association is responsible for a global epidemic of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and most likely Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Food Pyramid was an Experiment and Americans the Guinea Pigs

The documentary begins by tracing the history of the “food pyramid,” which the FDA and corporate cronies foisted on the unsuspecting American public in 1977 – without a single clinical trial supporting its safety and effectiveness. With the adoption of the “food pyramid,” doctors and dietitians induced hundreds of millions of patients to drastically…

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Lafayette High School – 1959

For those who still allow their children to be intellectually and culturally raped and pillaged by their local public school system, here is a taste of what public education once was like in New York and other cities around the country.


So yesterday I had my semi-annual appointment with my cardiologist.  He is one of three physicians I keep on payroll (one for my diabetes, one for my eyes and one for my heart) in case I need them.  I have their cell phone numbers programmed into my phone.

I first met this doctor about eight years ago.  He has a very German  name and has the look of the S.S.  When he opens his mouth however out comes a thick Irish accent.  Seems his parents got out of Germany after the war and never looked back.  He grew up in Dublin.

While I was getting my blood pressure checked by his young female assistant we began talking about the kids going back to school soon.  She wasn’t happy with her local elementary school.

She had gotten a call last semester from the Principal; seems her daughter was talking – during…

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Former Pharma Rep Talks Vaccines

Another former Pig Pharma rep blows the whistle on vaccines and the entire genocidal medical industry: Former Pharma Rep Talks Vaccines By Catherine J. Frompovich Former Big Pharma representative (Merck & Company), Brandy Vaughan, talks about her independent research into vaccines, and that she’s a mother of a vaccine-free child. via Former Pharma Rep Talks … Continue reading Former Pharma Rep Talks Vaccines