Disgusting: NYPD Ordered to Publicly Shame the Homeless by Taking Photos and Posting Online

The Big Red Atrocity!

“The Real Reasons We Dropped Atom Bombs on Japan”

I found out the awful truth about "Japan's unprovoked, sneak attack on Pearl Harbor" and Truman's monstrous decision to use the Japanese people as nuclear lab-rats many years ago. It was a major part of my awakening to the monstrous lie the U.S. Corporation is and always been. Read and discover the truth about this … Continue reading “The Real Reasons We Dropped Atom Bombs on Japan”

“I Wonder”

Image: emilysquotes.com I Wonder Sylvain Lamoureux Guest writer, ZenGardner.com I wonder about our system which covets “private” enterprise because it creates “incentive” and “competition”, yet gives billion dollar companies (not really something which needs a leg up in order to compete) hundreds of millions for Research and Development or to rebuild their infrastructure; now, refresh … Continue reading “I Wonder”