“The Flu Shot and Pregnant Women”

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All pregnant women, in particular, should watch the following eight-minute video before being injected with the Pig Pharma flu vaccine. But the rest of you should watch this video as well, especially those of you who still kowtow to the government, the media and your drug-pushing, greed-driven doctors:

The Flu Shot and Pregnant Women: Watch This Before Getting Injected

Jefferey Jaxen

Contributor, ZenGardner.com

Follow the current rush to vaccinate pregnant mothers and see why the potential risks appear to be validated. In the past, the toxic load of adjuvants and known immunoexcitotoxicity to the unborn child was a major contradiction. What has changed from then till now? As autism rates rise to the highest in recorded history, communities are demanding answers.

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Please also check out this very troubling and informative article, written by a physician with guts, on the extreme dangers of vaccines, especially for the new born and very young:

Natural Health News and Wellness Tips: Doctor Explains Why Vaccine Policies and Injections In Children Are An 'Egregious Crime'.

And this:


Thanks to Dr. Bramhall!

2 thoughts on ““The Flu Shot and Pregnant Women”

  1. The flu vaccine made me ill for months after receiving it. I was 64. I hadn’t had a flu shot for twenty years and had never had the flu during that time. Within a week of receiving the vaccine, I was down with the flu and then an ongoing sinus and inner ear infection for the next year. I was also given a pneumonia vaccine at the same time, which he didn’t even ask me about, the nurse just gave it to me.

    I later read that people my age should never have the two at the same time. I have not returned to this quack since then, nor will I.

    But it’s the effect these vaccines are having on the very young that is so troubling!


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