Corporate-Capitalism: Next to Religion, the Ultimate “Opiate of the Masses!”


Work, buy, consume, ad infinitum, and then drop dead from exhaustion and depression: the Merican existence, the Merican nightmare:

Constant Cravings

By freefall


As an observer of various forces moving through me, I’ve noticed something regarding my materialistic inclinations. Rather than diminishing my desire to purchase things I don’t really need, I now see that my wants always revert to the level of stuff that I can afford. At the rate I’m going, it may end up being just a pack of gum. But no matter how small the price of an item, the spirit of this clandestine desire remains.

Interestingly, the last thing I purchased that I really didn’t need was a backpack that turned out to be the wrong size for me. It felt just fine until I put something in it. For me, it’s a reminder of my constant cravings of carrying around these “buy me” demons on my back, even though they never really fit me.

I read somewhere that one of the reasons why the Native Americans lost their conflict with the interlopers was due to developing a need for their goods. This makes sense as greed has always been used to subvert the indigenous peoples’ connection to the earth thereby weakening their spiritual strength and making them susceptible to conquest.

I now see that the United States has just raised its flag over their most recent CIA false-front acquisition…er, I mean the U.S. Embassy now established in Cuba. Maybe they should fly a copy of the Northwoods Document below the flag in order to remind the Cuban people (as well as their own) just how much the American government really cares about them.

I wonder how many Cubans realize that this is the beginning of yet another coup attempt perpetrated by the Zionist-controlled government of US, Inc? I suppose that this bodes well for corporations such as Halliburton since they need to balance the ledgers against their recent losses in the oil industry. Maybe they can get another no-bid contract to expand Gitmo or build a U.S. military base.

This really opens the door to endless opportunities for the controllers. They can start by sending the most hardened criminals from Cuba to America just like Carter allowed for when he was in office. After that, the ongoing waves of Cuban immigrants to America can then help complete the “Tower of Babel” that this country has been turned into. Or Cuba can become the next venue for manufactured terrorism; a sort of reserve force that can create mischief inside or outside of their island when needed. Whatever occurs, we know that it’s all about destabilizing countries (including America itself) while stealing whatever is not nailed down.

The Cuban people should also remember that America’s allies recurrently become enemies when it best suits the agenda. The ghosts of “Uncle Joe” Stalin and Saddam Hussein will attest to that. And as we already know, there’s still plenty of brain-dead “Mericans” to support this madness in whichever way their masters wish for it to play out.

As hard as it was on the Cuban people to live with 50-plus years of Washington’s sanctions, they are still better off than when Dem(on)ocracy strikes their shores. I’m afraid that the shiny baubles of America (now made in China) are not going to be around very much longer before the swell of this sinking ship takes Cuba as well as the rest of the world down with it. (emphasis added)

via Constant Cravings – Zen Gardner.

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