“Inspiring Community Solutions For Feeding The Homeless”

Image: iaced.org

Homelessness has become a “crime” in this country, where only the elite-swine are ‘represented’ and profit. The Merican middle-class has been completely wiped-out by the psychopathic elite minority, which rules over the government and most of the people. A large percentage of Mericans cannot find work and have lost their homes, and now they are being treated as criminals for not having a home to live in.

Meanwhile, most other Mericans, even those out of work and broke, continue to support this criminal system of government, which is destroying them and their families.

But it seems as if there still is some hope left in Merica. There are Merican communities that are standing up against this kind of monstrous evil, this insane, criminal injustice, and seeking ways to help the homeless:

Inspiring Community Solutions For Feeding The Homeless

AUGUST 22, 2015

By Activist Post

The following is an inspiring video by YouTube activist Jeff4Justice. He chronicles the story of one community organizer, Jim, based in a rural suburb 45 minutes north of Sacramento, CA. As you’ll see, while outreach is conducted through St. Andrew Presbyterian, people of many faiths and non-faith backgrounds have come together to help those in need.

The political backdrop to homelessness is discussed, including the trend toward criminalizing homelessness and those who wish to feed the homeless. There is also an interesting perspective offered about the local police reaction to St. Andrew’s outreach program.

Overall, this video is an instructive and informative guide for action that can be taken in your own area.

via Inspiring Community Solutions For Feeding The Homeless.

Note: whether we are in agreement with these people’s religious beliefs or not, they are taking on the responsibility for serving and caring for those (strangers in many cases, I’m sure) who cannot care for themselves at the moment. So even though this is a Christian ministry, I still respect what these people are doing.