Is Mankind the Pinnacle of Evolution or Just Another By-Chance, Mutated Failure?

Image: First, I am an animal lover! And I too, see animals as being, quite often, more sane, more together, than a large number of human beings. But as the image above suggests, this does not mean that I see animals as being more intelligent, more "evolved" (superior), than we the individuals. I also … Continue reading Is Mankind the Pinnacle of Evolution or Just Another By-Chance, Mutated Failure?

“Ego: A Masterfully Created Lie”

Image: Here is something to ponder for at least a moment: Ego: A Masterfully Created Lie Frank M. Wanderer Contributor, Truth is an objective fact, whereas a lie is always something that has to be fabricated. A masterfully created lie is, however, very similar to the truth, so such a lie can be … Continue reading “Ego: A Masterfully Created Lie”

The Jesuit Hierophant Comes a Pandering His Elite-Swine Agenda!

Image: Everyone bow and grovel, the "Bishop of Rome" has come a calling, and all the sheep said, "Baaaa!" What is really nauseating to me about this papal visit is that just twenty years ago, every last one of the three-thousand factions of Christianity (denominations) all considered the pope to be "the anti-Christ." Now … Continue reading The Jesuit Hierophant Comes a Pandering His Elite-Swine Agenda!

“Why Have We Allowed These 5 Crimes to Happen?”

Image: I would change this title to, "Why Have We the Individuals Allowed These 5 Crimes, and a Vast Multitude of Others (just as bad or worse), to Happen?" I have written many times before that history, just as it has before, will hold all of us accountable for what is happening on this … Continue reading “Why Have We Allowed These 5 Crimes to Happen?”

#ACAB: Why the Institution of Policing Makes All Cops Bastards

Desultory Heroics


By PM Beers

Source: AntiMedia

All cops are bastards because all cops, if ordered to, will enforce laws that oppress poor people.

Many people would like to believe that there are good cops and bad cops. I’m going to explain why this is simply not true. When we are children, we are ingrained with the belief that police officers are good people who want to help us. Children are taught that if they need help, they should ask a police officer. These early beliefs are so deeply ingrained that it is very hard to shake them off. For me, it took over two years to finally understand the concept of ACAB—all cops really ARE bastards, even if they believe themselves to be good people.

When you learn the history of policing, you will better understand the need to dismantle the inherently racist institution. When we were new to the anti-police…

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“LOVE:” A More Rational Perspective

Image: LOVE: what an overused and more often than not manipulative word. In this world today, LOVE has become an almost completely self-absorbed term: LOVE is the opiate of the I, me and mine types who live for self above all else. The word LOVE has become synonymous with sexual gratification and perversion: "I … Continue reading “LOVE:” A More Rational Perspective