Patterns and Perspectives

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

Where we stand at any given moment affects what we see. It’s a simple common sense maxim that we often lose sight of in our everyday lives. If I look at my garden closely, I see all of the things that I didn’t plant (“weeds”) crowding out the things I had deliberately placed.


Photo: Peonies and Weeds – August 2015

If my vantage point is a little distance, the “weeds” are less visible, but because the plants have grown so densely and tall, I can only see the plants that are closest to me.


Photo: Flower Gardens – August 2015

It is only when I have a distant vantage point above that I am able to see larger patterns.


Photo: Gardens – September 2015

Although we can see the patterns from above, we lose the details that help us tend the gardens to keep them healthy.
Our lives…

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