The Zionist owned and operated US Corporation is not waging war in the Middle East to bring democracy to the people there!

Here is why the Zionist owned and operated US Corporation is waging war in the Middle East:


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It’s All For A Gas Line, Stupid!

News from TTOS (The Tubularsock Observation Satellite) which Tubularsock purchased from Radio Shack has just reported back from “somewhere over Syria” that the Russians have increased their presence in that area.

Now of course this move is for humanitarian purposes to attack ISIS just like the U.S., Turkey, and the Saudis. Wow, that ISIS must be some formidable force!

Side note: Russia is the only country out of the four that hasn’t financially assisted and provided guns, bombs, supplies and training to ISIS ………. Stop and think about this …. no really, think about this! Does that seem a little counter productive? So why is that?

The Assad Government is reaching a tipping point due to fighting a three front war against forces that want to overthrow the Syrian government. And Russia has substantially attempted to support Assad but from a distance.

The facts…

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