“Who Owns the Land? Part 3”

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I firmly believe that this world was NOT created to be owned and controlled solely by a tiny minority of elite psychopaths. But we the individuals and our ancestors have, because of our complacent and compliant nature, allowed these few inbred creatures to accomplish this horrendous crime of all crimes against humanity and the planet:


Who Owns the Land? Part 3

Timeline of our Enslavement

By Vitashoka

(Part 1 of this series can be seen here and Part 2 here)

Ownership, Usury and Feudalism:

After amassing vast armies of mercenaries and garnering the support of the aristocracy with promises of conquered lands and wealth, William laid waste to Albien (the Britannic Isles) in 1066 with unprecedented ferocity, seizing lands and wealth, slaughtering the indigenous people along with their animals and razing entire towns and villages to the ground. He rewarded his aristocratic supporters of his genocide with swathes of seized lands to establish their own fiefdom. By 1185 William the Bastard had established the Feudal system of landowners and landless peasants or serfs, and the indigenous people became slaves of their continental feudal lords.

What follows is the briefest of timelines that the limits of this article allows which demonstrates our descent into slavery, the understanding of which can help us to take back what has been taken from us. Much is omitted, and much that deserves deeper research is merely touched on, that the interested reader will pursue for themselves.

Lands stolen by the Norman aristocracy on behalf of the Roman Pontiff were recorded in the Doomsday Book, thus establishing their ownership of the land for all eternity (i.e. until doomsday). The Doomsday book marked the beginning of the Crown Corporation.

With Ownership of land comes the possibility of rent, loan, lease and mortgage. The system of usury was established by the Jews at this time.

Meanwhile the ferocious blood-letting, corruption and scandalous lifestyles of the Popes continued along with papal military campaigns to seize more lands and wealth for the Vatican. The justification for this wanton murder was heresy and Christians were to consider it a holy duty to murder any who differed from the Vatican dogma.

The Crusades were already in full swing, which were Papal sanctioned genocides of the innocent in the name of Christ, along with rape, looting and plundering of their wealth, which were to continue unabated for the next 500 years.

Back in Europe, Pope Innocent III, third in a line of Jewish Popes , ordered a 35 year bloody crusade against the Cathars, a peaceful and pious community, who could see through the papacy, setting upon them with a 500,000 strong Catholic Army, hacking to pieces men, women and children until they had exterminated every last Cathar. Heresy, however, wasn’t the main issue here……rather it was the lands and wealth held by the Cathars that had caught the eye of the Holy See. In this orgy of killing, over 500 towns and villages were totally obliterated.

In 1184, the same Jewish Pope Innocent III initiated the horrors of the Inquisitions which swept through Europe and lasted for 600 years. Supposed heretics were hunted down and brought before the Inquisitors, whose first task it was to obtain their name and write it down. Once in writing the person ceased to be a human and became an ‘owned property’. The trials were a farce, with no possibility to defend oneself and any who spoke for the victim would themselves be accused of heresy and face the same fate. The accused were subjected to the most hideous tortures to extract a confession, usually of heresy or witchcraft.

Favoured methods of the Inquisitors included (but not limited to) dislocation of all joints in the body, breaking of bones with iron bars, drowning, suffocation, tearings and piercings of flesh and orifices, burning and scalding with instruments of torture so grotesque and hideous in design and intent that they fully reveal the most perversely sick and deranged minds of their demonic creators.

The many who ‘confessed’ and survived the tortures, were usually then subject to a slow and agonising death by being burnt alive. This orgy of pain and terror inflicted by the agents of the Vatican was to continue for 600 years.

The Knights Templar, a corrupt and murderous society of the crusading ‘soldiers of Christ’, returned from the crusades having amassed extraordinary power, lands and wealth. Some sources record that during their travels they had ‘fallen from Grace’ and turned to sorcery and practise of the black arts in pursuit of material success. Given the history of the Church until that time one might be forgiven for suspecting that was the case all along. They had established their own commerce and banking system all along their routes. In 1185, they established Temple Bar, in Chancery Lane, which replaced the Albic Common Law, and the Saxon ‘God’s Law’ with the ownership and usury system encoded in Roman Law.

The impressive material success of the Knights Templar proved too much for the Vatican, who duly had them rounded up, imprisoned, tortured and murdered, taking over their banking system. This was the beginnings of the Vatican Bank, which is until today known for money-laundering, trafficking, weapons trading and other lucrative criminal financial enterprises.

The Knights Templar were soon to be replaced by a new, covert, military arm of the Vatican – the Jesuits. Disciplined, well-trained in the arts of deceit and duplicity, their methods of assassinations, intelligence gathering, engineering conflicts, destabilising nations, bringing about the downfall of non-compliant regimes endure and thrive into the present era. They have placed their focus on excellence in education and many of the Ivy-League universities of the West are run by Jesuits, thus ensuring the continuity of ‘the system’ amongst the elites and the most promising minds of the future. The Jesuit order is today in control of the UN, NATO, European Commission, as well as various banks, big corporations and secret services.

In 1606 James 1 signed the Virginia Charter, granting rights to British colonisers to settle in the USA. This also guaranteed British sovereignty over the citizens and the land. The Crown that owns the Virginia company is the corporation of the city of London, under the control of the Pontiff of Rome.

In 1776 Adam Weishaupt, who was a Jew, completed his organisation of the illuminati, the purpose of which was to divide and rule the Gentiles. To this end he recruited 2,000 of the most intelligent men in the fields of arts and literature, education, science, finance and industry.

1790 saw the creation of the District of Columbia as an independent state, operating under the tyrannical Roman Lex Fiori law, not under the US constitution. Together with the independent states of the City in London, and the Vatican, they constitute one interlocking empire, the Empire of the City

1791 The Rothschilds set up the First Bank of the USA.

Cardinal Chiaramonti inaugurated ‘representative democracy’ in 1794 – tyranny carefully concealed in the guise of freedom.

At the end of the Napoleonic wars in 1815, the Rothschilds deliberately crashed the London Stock market on the basis of a rumour that Napoleon had won the war, despite knowing the truth. This people to panic, and he ordered his agents to buy up all the shares at a fraction of their actual value. The Rothschilds bought them all up for pennies. In this way they also scammed control of the public shares of the Bank of England.

In 1823 the Rothschilds took control of Catholic finances worldwide.

Andrew Jackson becomes president of the USA in 1828. He intended to remove the Rothschild’s who had destroyed the US economy. He succeeded in throwing the Rothschild bankers out of the USA in 1836. They did not return until 1913 founding of the Federal Reserve.

The Rothschild Opium trade was rampant in China. The Chinese Emperor ordered it stopped, which signalled the beginning of the Opium wars with British soldiers fighting as mercenaries for the Rothschilds.

Ashkenazi Jew Moses Mordecai Levy known as Karl Marx publishes the ‘Communist Manifesto’ in 1848.

Karl Ritter at the same time writes the antithesis, the basis for Nietzches’ Nietzcheanism’ which later developed into Fascism and Nazism.

Marx, Ritter and Nietzche were all funded by the Rothschilds with the intent of using the differences in ideologies to divide humanity into opposing camps, arm them and set them at war with each other – recall Weishaupts plan of 1776.

1871 Albert Pike, the most powerful Freemason in the USA completes his military plan for 3 World Wars. The content of that blueprint can be read in its entirety at this link.

Rothschild founded the Zionist Congress to promote world Zionism in 1892.
The history of the last century is beyond the scope of this article and the reader is referred to excellent sources below.

Humanity has spent the last 2000 or so years mentally and spiritually shut down, entangled and enslaved by religious dogma and legal fiction, terrorised by state and church terrorism, drowning in debt based financial quagmire, and brainwashed in the name of education, with little understanding of the game that has been played against us.

Humanity must now rise up against this monstrous Lie, dismantling the fictional reality that has been generated by the soulless psychopaths and embark on the co-creation of an empathetic world that nurtures the highest potential of all sentient beings… (emphasis added)

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Source: Who Owns the Land? Part 3 – Zen Gardner


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