Dear Wall Street Investors – Writing 101

Consider the following, if that is, you care more for your family, the planet and other people than making money by gambling on the evil that is the stock market!

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

I wonder if you realize the power you have to begin transforming the world for the better. Today, you can review your portfolio and ask if your investments follow the ethics and principles of permaculture.


Image: 3 Ethics of Permaculture (Lonnie Gamble)

(The link will take you to Gamble’s slideshow: the image is slide #5)

Earth Care.

Do the corporations supported by your investments enhance the health of the environment or practice policies that lead to pollution and escalating climate change through destructive environmental practices?

People Care.

Do the corporations you finance with your hard-earned dollars pay the people who work for them living, reasonable salaries? Provide reasonable job security and decent retirement pensions? Are employees treated well?

Do the companies produce quality products that enhance people’s lives by providing necessary products at a reasonable price? Are products built to last, or…

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