“The Confusion of Deconstruction”

Image: shimmykotu.com I can completely relate to the following! "There's no looking back:" The Confusion of Deconstruction by Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof Guest Contributor, ZenGardner.com I thought I should call this piece “The Dilemma of the Fence Sitter” but the difference between a fence-sitter and what I am experiencing is something else. The fence-sitter weighs up the … Continue reading “The Confusion of Deconstruction”

Kids Fight Back Against Racist Schools

Hey, Texans, learn from your children!

The Most Revolutionary Act


Students at Ahmed Mohamed’s Irving, Texas high school have rallied to support the Muslim teenager, after school officials and police had him arrested for bringing a home-made clock to school.

Since his arrest, students tweeted a school-wide plan to bring clocks to school today and tell the teachers it was in solidarity with their classmate.

More students say they will continue to join in, to keep the pressure on the school until the principal apologizes and removes the suspension from Ahmed’s record.

Read more about the #IStandWithAhmed Twitter campaign at Countercurrent News

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