“The Confusion of Deconstruction”

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I can completely relate to the following!

“There’s no looking back:”

The Confusion of Deconstruction

by Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof

Guest Contributor, ZenGardner.com

I thought I should call this piece “The Dilemma of the Fence Sitter” but the difference between a fence-sitter and what I am experiencing is something else. The fence-sitter weighs up the conditions on both sides of the fence and then makes a choice. My position is that of getting to the fence, sitting on the fence, and realizing that what is behind me no longer has a place in my reality.

“I look to the familiar and all I see is chaos and confusion.”

“I don’t like seeing the familiar deconstruct before my eyes.”

“If my familiar is no longer acceptable to me, where is my new familiar?”

I sit on the fence and peer into the unknown, hoping for something that will materialize that I can recognize.

“How do I imaginate a new familiar?”

I want to rebel against everything familiar because it has become foreign to me. The rebelling is a useful device for breaking away from the old. Rebellious rage enables revolution.

I sit on the fence in boiling revolution, knowing that even if I THINK about the old familiar, I will turn into a pillar of salt from sheer boredom.

There’s no looking back…


About Callista:

Callista is an Intuitive Listener and Energy Therapist. Her interests include the metaphysical use of minerals and crystals, sound therapy, shamanic journeys, dream interpretation, food alchemy, philosophical discussions, therapeutic use of essential oils and flower essences, astrology, painting, biodynamic gardening and is learning to play the Native American flute.

Callista’s channelings have been published in Universal Mind and Conscious Living magazines.

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Source: The Confusion of Deconstruction – Zen Gardner