Our Unique Capacity for Mass Extermination

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Superior Human

Directed by Samuel McAnallen (2012)

Film Review

A short highly amusing documentary tackling the myth that human beings are superior to other species.

The film starts by making a list of so-called uniquely human skills and finding other animals who demonstrate equal or superior capabilities in the same areas.

Examples I found most impressive were termite architectural skills, an elephant who can paint his own self-portrait, crows who routinely invent and use tools, cats and dogs who can sniff out cancer and dolphins and prairie dogs with complex language skills. Experiments with prairie dogs indicate they communicate complex ideas with complicated grammatical constructs. For example: “The short man in the blue shirt is coming and he’s carrying a gun.”

According to filmmakers, the only truly unique skill possessed by human beings is their capacity to mass exterminate other life forms.

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