Is Mankind the Pinnacle of Evolution or Just Another By-Chance, Mutated Failure?


First, I am an animal lover! And I too, see animals as being, quite often, more sane, more together, than a large number of human beings. But as the image above suggests, this does not mean that I see animals as being more intelligent, more “evolved” (superior), than we the individuals.

I also want to make clear that I am not a Darwinian, so I have no faith in evolution/natural-selection. Nor am I a follower of any other religion; I have no faith in any god, especially those gods that would choose a few million human beings, out of the billions who live, to be its “chosen people.”

In both of these religious scenarios, there are man-created “legal” doctrines/dogma/theories that are manipulatively forced on the faithful who blindly choose to follow these hierophant-led religions, whether spiritual or ‘scientific’. Only in the case of Darwinism, the claim to know what cannot be known for certain is pandered as a completely “scientific” and “rational” one, as opposed to the purely “faith-based” claims of the religious “chosen.” I see little difference between these two deceptions.

Over the years, I have been privy to articles, books and documentaries, as well as individuals, that claim we human beings are not the pinnacle of evolution/natural selection. Over these same years, I have also been privy to other material and heard others proclaim that evolution stopped with “homo-sapiens-sapiens” (a term I was indoctrinated with in college anthropology); or in other words, mankind IS the pinnacle of evolution/natural-selection and thus he/she can take it from here forward without the aid of natural-selection.

For now, however, I want to stay with the former claim, the more pessimistic explanation for where humanity stands today, and has evidently always stood, according to some of the Darwinian faithful.

Some of the Darwinian faithful are now claiming that animals and even plants ARE more “evolved,” more “intelligent,” than we supposed “ancestors of chimpanzees.” And this view, in particular, is more than confusing and troubling to me. If we the individuals are not the pinnacle of evolution/natural-selection, and animals and plants truly are more evolved and intelligent (superior) than we “advanced primates”, then evidently evolution/natural-selection is a failure, or we the individuals are just another evolutionary-stage destined to become ‘extinct’.

If this sounds convoluted, that’s because it is! Lies are always convoluted; confusion is key in getting others to believe a lie.

I was listening to Beethoven’s seventh symphony last night, and the following thought kept coming to me: “Let’s see a daisy or parrot create anything like this.”

It seems to me that most religious types, whether Christian, Jew, Muslim or Darwinian, seem to be in a state of arrested development, when it comes to what I believe truly separates we the individuals from the thistle and pig. The arts, for instance, are definitely not for those who can only see in black, gray and white and who cannot distinguish between a musical tone and white noise; true art cannot be recognized or enjoyed by those who are completely dead to anything other than their own cut and dry temporal existence.

To most of the folks I’m referring to here, the Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga would be considered the epitome of fine musical art, whereas Holst, Stravinsky, Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms would be considered boring/outdated, racist and elitist. The more common the “art”, or the lower the quality, the more these folks are drawn to it. Perhaps this mediocrity has something to do with their notion that plants and animals are superior to them and other human beings? Perhaps, in this sense, I can understand where they are coming from, since a plant and pig seem to be more aware of the ethereal than these almost dead to life individuals.

Oh yes, plants have learned how to survive, and many animals have learned to use tools. Even elephants can paint, after hundreds of hours of being trained (by a human being) to move a paint-filled brush across a canvas in rote patterns.

The Island of Dr Moreau comes to mind!

But can any of these animals dream (imagine), and then take that dream (that imagination) and transform it into (CREATE) an art form that communicates something other-worldly to others of their kind; something that moves the others in such a way as to make them desire to be more than what they believe themselves to be at that very moment?

Sound ridiculous? I’m dealing with a ridiculous notion here!

To claim that plants and animals are more evolved and thus superior to we the individuals, is to relegate all of humanity to the low level of existence many of us are experiencing today. I believe the reason these people see plants and animals as being more alive and intelligent than human beings, is due to the fact that human beings, over the last two centuries, have been dehumanized by a couple of malevolent, religious/”scientific” fairy-tales, which were invented by the powers that be to bring human beings to this low level of existence, where they could be completely mind-controlled and used as beasts of burden, just as they have controlled, used and abused the flora and fauna for eons.

As I’ve written time and time again, we the individuals, and our [HUMAN] ancestors, have allowed a tiny minority of elite, inbred psychopaths to indoctrinate/brainwash, control and rule over us. We have allowed these sick creatures to recreate the world as they desire it to be, and then convince us this new retrograde-inverted world is the way it is and was always meant to be.

And the result of this kind of indoctrinated/brainwashed existence can be seen and discerned all around us, even in our selves, if we are willing to take a close enough look, inward and outward, without closing our minds and running away from the truth.

This is why I believe some folks have come to the sad conclusion that we human beings are somehow less evolved than the plants and animals we share this planet with. They have simply been used by the powers that be to pander this lie, and without a single clue. Or at least I hope it’s without a single clue.

I firmly believe this is what happens to human beings when they absolutely cannot exist without a creation belief/philosophy/ideology they can pander and force on others. In a way, this is very much like the delusional state the elite powers have created for themselves: the elite powers are so insanely consumed with their wealth and power-driven agendas that they have lost sight of life and living, just as the religious of all varieties have lost sight of life and living because of their preoccupation with the creation of the universe and humanity.

Is it absolutely necessary to life and living that we the individuals know exactly how everything that exists began? We are less than nano-specs in our own nano-spec galaxy, so why do we need to know everything that we can never possibly know, for certain, in this state of being? And why would we be so egocentric as to believe we could and should know this?

It’s the lie of the ego, in my estimation, which is just another manipulation that has been perpetrated on us by the elite-swine and their system/order:

“Lies, taken as truth, will lull us into a false sense of security, into a dream. Once we have believed that we know the truth, we no longer look for it, and we will not long for it any more. The masters of fabricating lies exploit that very psychological reaction…”

Source: Ego: A Masterfully Created Lie – Zen Gardner

Why are we always so ready to believe anything that makes we the individuals seem less than we already are? Don’t we the individuals have enough problems without tearing ourselves down every chance we get? What the hell is wrong with some of us that we want desperately to believe our ancestors were puke eating chimpanzees and that we have now “devolved” to a state where a weed and rat are more deserving of life than we and those around us? And then we ignorantly and blindly ask why there are so many fucked-up people in the world today.

If these folks are right about this, then I will stop wasting my time doing this. If we the individuals are, and always have been, somehow less evolved than the flora and fauna, then what is happening to us right now is most likely just another preordained part of this evolving nightmare from hell we refer to as life. If this notion is true, then why give a shit what happens to any of us next? Eat, drink and get laid, for tomorrow we’ll be even less evolved than the plants and animals.

Hell, if these folks are right, then let the roses, petunias, sheep, dogs and cats figure all of this mess out, let them (our superiors) save the planet and us, after, that is, just one of them finishes composing a symphony that will make Beethoven’s Symphony #7 sound like he was a rank amateur!


It is Darwinism that is responsible for this kind of childish confusion.

Why do we human beings, and the animals and plants, have to be categorized and scrutinized to see who or what is more “evolved.” Evolution is just another divisive device used by the power elite to divide, conquer and rule.

If anything, we the individuals should look upon the animals and plants as being apart of us, we should see them as being vital to our lives, as we are important to theirs. Why are we the individuals always seeking to find out “Who Is #1?” When the hell are we ever going to grow up? And in this sense, we can look to the flora and fauna to see how mature and rational animals and plants go about living the life that has been placed before them to live!

We think too much, all the damn time! And we need, instead, to learn how to live too much, in peace and harmony with each other and all the rest of creation.

6 thoughts on “Is Mankind the Pinnacle of Evolution or Just Another By-Chance, Mutated Failure?

  1. Thanks, el presidente elect!

    I’m gonna piss some people off. But then again, what else is new. I’ve been pissing people off ever since the doctor slapped my mother in the face just after cutting the cord.

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  2. In my view the whole problem began with Newtonian physics and a worldview promoted by the patriarchal ruling elite that saw human beings as “separate” from nature. I agree with Wilhelm Reich who wrote in 1933 that the only hope for humanity is for them to come to fully accept themselves as biological beings.

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  3. I would agree, in the sense that we are connected to the earth, the plants and the animals. I believe we have been disconnected, by eons of religious/political manipulation, from our roots as beings from this planet. Thus the reason we prefer man-made chemically based medicines to natural cures, etc, etc.

    If evolution is a fact, then human beings have evolved some capabilities. some qualities, beyond just the biological, as I wrote about here.

    Or do you see the ability to create art, for instance, as just another strictly evolved biological function?


  4. I honestly don’t see humans as having any innate abilities other animals don’t have. Other intelligent species, dolphins, elephants etc do art. The only difference is they don’t have hands to do it with.


  5. Wow! Well, we’ll just have to disagree on this one.

    Maybe it’s because I am a trained musician, but I find this hard to accept. The world is bleak enough without taking the ethereal, the mystery, out of it completely.

    You do know that the elephants, in particular, were trained by humans to do the art. It was a rote exercise, not much different from the sound before sight technique of the Suzuki violin method. The dolphins I do not know about.


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