FYI: Where is “News For the Revolution”? (Update)

For those of you who follow News For the Revolution blog, I have been given an update on his health.

He is still being treated for cancer and is very weak. Bur he is “okay.”

For those concerned, as I get more updates, I will let all of you know.

Thanks, once again, to Migarium for sharing this information with the rest of us!

3 thoughts on “FYI: Where is “News For the Revolution”? (Update)

  1. You are very good friend,as I said before, my Earthling friend. And I think his sprit is high. Altought his email was very short, he says that: “I’m still alive and not ready to give up the ghost!!!” ­čÖé
    He says to hi all friends and thank you to you.
    He will be ok, I am sure he knows this too.

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