Tube Ukraine nazi Heading

Lets look at Syria. But don’t Russia too fast you might trip.

Now Tubularsock wants to get to the bottom line quickly so you can unload all that anti-Russian neocon bull shit that is oozing out of the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and all of the rest of the fucked up stenographer-maimed-streamed-press.

From what is being pushed the CIA’s payroll to the “reporters-of-record” must be staggering!

Oh. And the fucking Congress too. What we have there is the classic Abbott and Castello antics of the dumb leading the stupid. The only difference is that Abbott and Castello made sense!

ISIS (aka … Al Qaeda in Iraq … AQI) is a terrorist organization that is crazier than bat shit and gives Muhammad a bad name! They are by far the largest group and the most effective fighters on the terrorists side of the coin.


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