“The Truth About School in 2 Minutes”

Parents should watch and listen closely to the following short and yet succinct video:

The Truth About School in 2 Minutes

by Elle

Did you ever wonder how it is that kids spend 13 years from kindergarten to high school supposedly being prepared for life, yet when they get out they don’t have any real skills?

Source: The Truth About School in 2 Minutes – Zen Gardner

I was “educated” and then, years later, taught in a public school system, so I can verify what is being stated on this video is accurate.

Homeschooling is the way for parents to go today, if they care about their children’s education, mind and future! Parents need to stop dumping their responsibility for their children’s education on a system that only has one goal: indoctrinating/brainwashing children to be subservient (enslaved) to a political/economic system designed solely to serve a tiny minority of greed/power driven elite psychopaths!


3 thoughts on ““The Truth About School in 2 Minutes”

  1. The current education model was designed to teach the masses how to be passive and compliant factory workers. It did that extremely well. Now that all the factories are gone, we clearly need a different model.


  2. It did do that. Yes, I had the history of education drummed into my head in college. I was lectured to make my students “good consumers of music.” Or in other words, capitalist bullshit!

    This system then, taught people, like my parents and me, to be docile, unthinking and unquestioning beasts of burden who bled red, white and blue.

    I was a lousy student. And by the time I had graduated high school, I believed I was stupid, because I was such a mediocre student. But over the years following, I began to realize I hadn’t been stupid, I had been bored. I was not motivated to learn in that indoctrinating system.

    So when I went back to college (in my late thirties) to get a teaching certificate, I played along. And then, as soon I had a teaching position, I threw out all of the garbage and taught the way I desired. Thus the reason I only taught five years. The kids loved me, but the system didn’t.

    A different model? If it is created by a small community of people who all agree and will take EQUAL responsibility, then yes. Otherwise, education needs to be left to the parents.


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