Thousands Chickens from KFC Farms Confiscated as Mutations Worsen*

Check this horror show out, and then go get some “finger lickin’ good” insanity!

Greed driven insanity and cruelty!

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Thousands Chickens from KFC Farms Confiscated as Mutations Worsen*

KFC’s largest chicken supplier in Springdale, Arkansas was reportedly raided by the FDA on Monday due to suspicions of mass mutations taking place in their chickens. It has been no secret that KFC plumps up their chickens with the use of steroids and hormones in order to create a bigger yield to supply their restaurants around the world. However, the accusations of mutated chickens has been streaming across the Internet for years commonly referred to as a “conspiracy theory.”

Now, with the FDA raid, those accusations are no longer “theories,” but proven fact. In the photos just released, you can see just how “mutated” these chickens have become due to their scientific experiments. Experiments that they were hoping would yield them twice the chicken legs for half the price. Getting four legs per chicken was estimated to bring them an additional…

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Something’s Brewing: #50

Image: I am no fan of firearms, not by any means! But... with the government we the individuals have in Merica, I believe, firmly, that we need to be armed, in order to protect ourselves from the sold-out "elected" assholes who are more than willing to carry out their elite bosses despotic orders. And … Continue reading Something’s Brewing: #50

“Nobody for President: Start Ruling Yourself!”

What a Real Revolution Looks Like by Elle Today James Corbett talks to Derrick Broze of about the philosophy of agorism, the practice of counter-economics, and how the combination of this theory and practice is the true path to dismantling the state. Source: What a Real Revolution Looks Like - Zen Gardner

Something Happened • Complacency Reigns At Epic Levels: “Few Are Ready For What Is Coming”

Concerned American Dad

by Howard Kunstler via

Ben Bernanke’s memoir is out and the chatter about it inevitably turns to the sickening moments in September 2008 when “the world economy came very close to collapse.” Easy to say, but how many people know what that means? It’s every bit as opaque as the operations of the Federal Reserve itself.

There were many ugly facets to the problem but they all boiled down to global insolvency — too many promises to pay that could not be met. The promises, of course, were quite hollow. They accumulated over the decades-long process, largely self-organized and emergent, of the so-called global economy arranging itself. All the financial arrangements depended on trust and good faith, especially of the authorities who managed the world’s “reserve currency,” the US dollar.

By the fall of 2008, it was clear that these authorities, in particular the US Federal Reserve, had failed…

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