What a Surprise! Not!!!!

Note, in the following image, “the vicar of Christ” (a Jesuit from hell) bowing down to the Khazarian, Zionist powers that be; the same powers that be who vehemently claim to be the ancestors of those who had Jesus of Nazareth crucified:

Pecking Order

by Elle

Source: Pecking Order – Zen Gardner

Criminal, bullshit hypocrisy! They all need to be crucified!

2 thoughts on “What a Surprise! Not!!!!

  1. I know, I can’t stand my self! But at least I’m not insanely wealthy, powerful and genocidal!

    Can you believe this shit? I thought it was this Jesuit hierophant’s ring that was supposed to be kissed.

    Kind of puts me in mind of The God Father movies: imagine an elite-swine mouth filled with cotton, “We’ll make ’em an offer they can’t refuse!” Only in this case, it would be bagels and lox breath, as opposed to garlic and cheese on the breath!


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