“Imposed Stupefaction, Morality TV (MTV) and the Gypsy Option”

Beyond the opening bit of “brain evolving/devolving” Darwinian bullshit, the following video exposes just how extreme the dumbing-down of Merica has been over the last century. Then the video goes on to explain the causes of this dumbing-down:

Imposed Stupefaction, Morality TV (MTV) and the Gypsy Option


WBB explores the dumbing down of America and western culture, the new morality, political correctness and race baiting by MTV. It is no secret that Americans are becoming stupider as we slide toward idiocracy. Why this is happening is apparent to the bulk of the awakening community.

They know that it is being enabled by vaccines, fluoride, schooling and TV among other toxins in the environment. Twisted morality is the job of TV and MTV leads the effort with music, commercials and now little philosophy (politically correct) nuggets of deception.

We examine some ideas proliferated by this channel ending with the attempted creation of the new “N” word – the “G” word for Gypsy. As we look at this word, which describes the Romani people we realize that it is so much more than an ethnic delineation – it is an idea and a very freeing idea at that. Is the Gypsy lifestyle a living example of Samuel Konkin III´s idea of Agorism? (emphasis added)

Source: Imposed Stupefaction, Morality TV (MTV) and the Gypsy Option – Zen Gardner

Note that the Mericans being questioned are not only ignorant, most neither care nor are they ashamed of their extreme ignorance. In fact, many of these ignoramuses seemed to be down right “self-actualized” about their stupidity.

The portion of this video dealing with MTV, TV and “race-baiting” was a point I have been unsuccessfully attempting to make for a while now. The video mentions George Soros, and how he and his associates from hell have been doing their best to start a race war in the U.S.. And what device, among many, has Soros and his low-life psychotic buddies used to keep the racial divide in Merica, which has always existed, gaining momentum? Soros and associates continually place more emphasis on the “politically-incorrect” and “intolerant” language being used than the actions of individuals.

“Politically-correct/politically-incorrect,” “tolerance/intolerance” and “hate-speech” are simply mind-control devices used by the powers that be to create even more division among “the races”: Soros and associates have turned most Mericans into obedient children once again; Mericans are not permitted to use certain language (“politically-incorrect,” “intolerant” language and “hate-speech”), so instead they have been programmed to use infantile and idiotic speak like “the n word” and “the l word,” etc, etc.

And as hard as it is to believe, many of the most intelligent and aware among us have fallen for this despotic mind-fuck.

{If one desires to be tolerant, in the true definition of the word, and not offend others, then he/she should learn how to respect and treat others as equals; he/she should learn how to treat others as the unique individuals each one of us is. In other words, we should treat others as we would wish to be treated. I feel like I’m lecturing an elementary school class here.}

The completely asinine notion that “the peanut gallery” and “Gypsy” are racist in any way is not only an obvious attempt to squelch freedom of speech (tyranny), it is also, as this video points out, another sign of the complete ignorance, the complete dumbing down, of Mericans.

If you watch television, which I watch as little as possible, you will quickly discover what your elite enemies are up to, if that is, you are awake and aware. For instance, at the beginning of this video, the young man panders “the evolving and devolving brain” scenario, a Darwinian religious scenario. And yet this video claims that television is used as a mind-control device (which it is).

If you watch, in particular, television news broadcasts, sitcoms, dramas and the “science” channels, you will find that what is being pandered, more often than not, is “the big bang” and evolution (Darwinism): “The Big Bang Theory” and “How the Earth was Created,” are just two examples. I find it impossible to watch television for more than a few minutes before I have been bombarded (proselytized) with the Darwinian doctrine/dogma. The next time you watch programming dealing with science, in particular, listen for the words evolution, evolved and evolving, and you will find that the repetitive use of these words is overwhelming and maddening. The elite owned and operated programmers have been ordered to drum these words (propaganda) into the minds of those listening, until they become truth and reality:

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

Vladimir Lenin

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/v/vladimirle132031.html#VUdx0sLHB3UcwwpS.99

According to this video, television is a mind control device that people should not watch. And yet, Darwinism is continually pandered as absolute law, an “absolute truth”, in almost all television programming. So why, then, isn’t Darwinism considered to be part of this mind-controlling being perpetrated by the producers of television programming?

Darwinism is a belief system, which is [faith] based on “scientific facts” that have yet to be substantiated, which, by the way, is no different from any other religious system of belief:

“Scientists who are supposed to be in the pursuit of truth often redefine the pursuit of truth as the pursuit of their beliefs.” – Tom Campbell

When one considers toxic vaccines/medications, fluoride, television/MTV and the horrible state of the U.S. “education” system, is it any wonder that the majority of Mericans are gullible and stupid?

The movie, Idiocracy, is looking more and more every day like a documentary/prophesy, as opposed to a simple-minded, satirical comedy.


Many years ago, I, along with a few others, met Donald Erb, a noted 20th century composer. And during the conversation, someone asked Mr. Erb if he had ever watched MTV. And to our surprise, Mr. Erb had boldly stated, and without hesitation, “Yes, I watch it quite often!” Of course, our next question of him was this, “WHY!!”

And this was Donald Erb’s answer, “I need to know what my enemies are up to!”

We might want to keep Donald Erb’s answer, here, in mind, especially those of us who shun television completely. If we truly want to be aware of how mind-control is being perpetrated on people, then why wouldn’t we, every once in a while, go to one of the main sources and see what our enemies are up to?


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