Yet Another Day to Glorify U.S. Wars & Genocide!

This will be short and not sweet! The U.S. Corporation is a government that was created to wage war on the disenfranchised peoples of this world, as anyone should be able to recognize by now. And I will not take part in anything that resembles a supporting of these wars, these crimes against humanity, or … Continue reading Yet Another Day to Glorify U.S. Wars & Genocide!

COP 21: Plan to Make Legally Binding Climate Change Laws

There is climate change occurring all right, but what climate change there is, beyond the natural, is being manipulated (geoengineered) by the same powers who are claiming overpopulation and “CO2” are the cause. It’s all just another NWO scam!

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Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: COP 21: Plan to Make Legally Binding Climate Change Laws

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Makia Freeman

Nov 9, 2015


COP 21 or the 2015 Paris Climate Conference

that is scheduled to take place in Paris on November 30, 2015, will be unlike other UN climate summits or climate conferences in the past. COP 21 has a scarily grandiose objective: in their own wordsto achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate … for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations.” If they achieve their aim, we would be faced with the horrifying prospect that the mythology of AGW (anthropogenic global warming or manmade global warming) would become entrenched in law, thus solidifying it as fact in the minds of many. It would be a giant step towards Global Governance or a One World Government with a worldwide carbon tax, for so long now the wet dream of the…

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“When Mass Shootings Were Real”

Image: The following article deals with the false-flag, "lone gunmen" shootings, which have been so prevalent over the last few years: When Mass Shootings Were Real By James F. Tracy News reportage of mass shooting events over the past several years has changed markedly from coverage of such incidents just a few decades ago. … Continue reading “When Mass Shootings Were Real”