“Global Warming Hoax Spiraling Into Radical Tyrannical Beast”

Image: zengardner.com Pay attention! Global Warming Hoax Spiraling Into Radical Tyrannical Beast By Bernie Suarez With the United Nations conference on climate change just around the corner, scheduled in Paris November 30 to December 11, the climate change delusional propaganda is being ratcheted up to historic levels. We are now hearing things which under normal … Continue reading “Global Warming Hoax Spiraling Into Radical Tyrannical Beast”

Top researcher: ‘Chemtrails directly relate to depopulation’

Tales from the Conspiratum

Man-made drought, starvation, is real

Source: Top researcher: ‘Chemtrails directly relate to depopulation’ – Intellihub

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By Shepard Ambellas

November 9, 2015

Shepard Ambellas/YouTube

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — I went to great lengths to capture all the footage that appears in my documentary film SHADE; and I still have a plethora of archived and unseen footage.

One interesting uncut clip, posted to YouTube, shows Chemtrail researcher Micheal Murphy talking about “depopulation” and how it relates to chemtrails.

Murphy said:

“Geoengineers state that geoengineering will create droughts in Africa and Asia; guess what we have droughts in Africa and Asia.”

Monsanto has expressed their interest in going into Africa.

And if you look at a country; why would a country purchase Monsanto seeds if they’re getting corporate yield?

Well this is the corporate agenda which is controlled and carried out by our military.


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“Another Phony Jobs Number”

Concerned American Dad

If the clowns paraded out on CNBC keep calling October’s Job Report a “strong one” will that make it so? Thanks to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts we’ll save some precious time and let him rip it to shreds……and then David Stockman & Peter Schiff…..

byPaul Craig Roberts,

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced Friday that the US economy created 271,000 jobs in October, a number substantially in excess of the expected 175,000 to 190,000 jobs. The unexpected job gain has dropped the unemployment rate to 5 percent. These two numbers will be the focus of the financial media presstitutes.

What is wrong with these numbers? Just about everything.

First of all, 145,000 of the jobs, or 54%, are jobs arbitrarily added to the number by the birth-death model. The birth-death model provides an estimate of the net amount of unreported jobs lost to business closings and the unreported jobs…

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