“Another Phony Jobs Number”

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If the clowns paraded out on CNBC keep calling October’s Job Report a “strong one” will that make it so? Thanks to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts we’ll save some precious time and let him rip it to shreds……and then David Stockman & Peter Schiff…..

byPaul Craig Roberts,

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced Friday that the US economy created 271,000 jobs in October, a number substantially in excess of the expected 175,000 to 190,000 jobs. The unexpected job gain has dropped the unemployment rate to 5 percent. These two numbers will be the focus of the financial media presstitutes.

What is wrong with these numbers? Just about everything.

First of all, 145,000 of the jobs, or 54%, are jobs arbitrarily added to the number by the birth-death model. The birth-death model provides an estimate of the net amount of unreported jobs lost to business closings and the unreported jobs…

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6 thoughts on ““Another Phony Jobs Number”

  1. There is a poem in Anatolia. It said that in one part of it:
    “When we died one, we would born as thousand”

    I think the capitalists are wrong in one important subject. They are not able to count us. We are uncountable, aren’t we my Earthling friend;)

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  2. Yes, we are! And our collective power is unfathomable, and this is why the elite fear us so. But too few of us are aware of this universal, grand truth.

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