“Thanks for the Memories”

Image: zengardner.com As the disgusting, obnoxious hyperbole over "veteran's day" continues on unabated, in this war-mongering/loving society/nation, I felt I needed to, once again, address the truth about the U.S. military and its paid mercenaries/storm-troopers. And here it is, the horrific truth: Thanks for the Memories By freefall Contributor, ZenGardner.com This Veterans Day, I just … Continue reading “Thanks for the Memories”

ObamaCare – “Take Ten Pills and You’re Fine”

ObamaCare - "Take Ten Pills and You're Fine" by Rene Gade OT DRUGS? The D.E.A. is calling on Americans to empty their medicine chests and turn in their private stash of potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals. But what’s more American than self-medication? Nancy Pelosi explains in song why Congress is not covered by ObamaCare. They have their … Continue reading ObamaCare – “Take Ten Pills and You’re Fine”

“The American Government: Doomed From Its Inception”

Image: zengardner.com Beyond the esoteric rambling about "extraterrestrials" at the outset, the following article sums up what I believe to be true about this system of government and all other forms as well: The American Government: Doomed From Its Inception by Sean Maclaren “Long, long ago, King Henry of England told Prince Hal that the … Continue reading “The American Government: Doomed From Its Inception”

The Hidden History of the US Constitution

The Most Revolutionary Act

towards an american revolution

Toward an American Revolution: Exposing the Constitution and other Illusions

by Jerry Fresia

South End Press (1988)

Book Review

This book is a great follow-up for people wanting to know more about the secret machinations behind the US Constitution after watching the film Plutocracy.

I knew virtually nothing about the framing of the Constitution when I first read Toward an American Revolution in the mid-nineties. Fresia reveals how the first Constitutional Convention was actually a secret meeting of rich property owners and merchants whose business interests (expanded trade and personal wealth) were threatened by farmers who had seized control of legislatures in twelve out of thirteen states.

The clear intent of Washington, Hamilton, Madison and the other businessmen and plantation ownders who wrote the Constitution was to transfer power from relatively autonomous state assemblies to a centralized federal government. Most agreed from the outset that they wanted a…

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Housing Bubble – Part Deux

Concerned American Dad

from Jim Quinn ofThe Burning Platform

The housing recovery without mortgage originations is coming to its inevitable conclusion. The Fed, Wall Street bankers and the US Treasury have been able to increase national home prices by 30%, with 50% to 100% in some bubble markets, using 0% interest rates, a massive buy and rent scheme, withholding foreclosures from the market, encouraging foreign cash buying, and allowing flippers back into the market.In a real free market would home prices go up by 30% while mortgage originations remained flat for the last four years?


Thirty year mortgage rates have been falling for the last 30 years. They bottomed at 3.35% in late 2012. Since then they rose as high as 4.4% in early 2014. They fell to 3.6% by early 2015 and are now hovering in the 3.8% range. Everyone who had a high interest mortgage loan, including those…

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