“Wake Up Call: The West IS ISIS”


Scum like insane-with-greed George Soros and ASSociates have been unsuccessfully attempting to start a race war between Black and White Mericans for decades now. So evidently, Soros and his Zionist elite owners and operators, just as they had done after 9/11, are now turning their psychotic attention back to starting a race war between [all] Mericans and the Islamic people.

Be prepared, Mr and Ms Merica, to hear about “soon coming attacks on Mericans by ISIS” on the evening “news”, and using what happened in Paris last Friday as the fear-mongering, mind-controlling “proof”.

For instance:

Credible Intel – Impending Attacks By ISIS In America – King Abdullah Warns…

It’s Already Happening: Authorities Are Using Paris Attacks To Rush New Mass Surveillance Laws | Talesfromthelou

Boys and girls, can you say false-flag/black-op? Can you say mind-control/propaganda/indoctrination/brainwashing and unwarranted surveillance? Can you say George Orwell was a prophet?

It’s way past time for you to wake up to this tyrannical, “terrorist” bullshit, Mr and Ms Merica:

Wake Up Call: The West IS ISIS – Ken O’Keefe

by Zen Gardner

Telling it like it is, Ken exposes the raw truth about what is really transpiring at the hands of today’s psychopathic rulers in Paris, the Mideast and beyond.

Source: Wake Up Call: The West IS ISIS – Ken O’Keefe – Zen Gardner

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