We need to talk about The Zeitgeist Movement


The Zeitgeist Movement. So commonly misinterpreted.

Recently I mentioned to someone that I was interested in getting more involved in this movement and they said they would look into it to see what I was on about. I let it go at this point as I thought the Zeitgeist webpage would explain it better than I ever could.

When we came to discuss it again a few days later I was more than a little surprised. Not once was the phrase ‘Global Resource Based Economy’ or anything similar mentioned in all of the notes from this persons ‘research’. Nor anything about using science and our technological advancements for the betterment of the world. Nor was anything about a goal to declare the earth’s resources the common heritage of all humanity, eliminating payment, debt and servitude.

This is what they had come up with, certain that they had got it off…

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