“Israel is a Psycho State”

If there is such a thing as an American military hero, then here he is!

If you don’t have the time to listen to the entire video, then please begin at the 18 minute mark and go as far as you can. And be prepared to be sickened, appalled and outraged, if, that is, you have a functioning mind, heart and conscience:

Israel is a Psycho State

By Zen Gardner

Ken O’Keefe again tells it like it is. An inspiring personal story and refreshingly clear assessment of what is really going on in Palestine and the mad Israeli culpability.

Source: Israel is a Psycho State – Ken O’Keefe – Zen Gardner

These Zionist animals are the same people still despotically pandering the so-called “holocaust” to the world, which the rest of us, the rest of humanity (“the Goyim”), not only have to believe, for fear of legal or violent reprisal, but also embrace and support without question.

It is the Zionists acting as Nazis here, while the Palestinians are simply the helpless victims of their crimes against humanity. And yet many of you Christian Americans out there continue to support Israel, and simply because you have been brainwashed by your Judaeo/Christian religion!

I would also add that I do not hold to Mr. O’Keefe’s notions about the constitution and this country. Like many others, Mr. O’keefe has been blinded to the lie this government was founded on.

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    This sounds all too familiar and sadly probable. Universal War profiteering, the control of gold , wall street the media and the press, as well as the proliferation of drugs and pornography, false flag terror attacks, the prisons for profit and the surveillance police state all bear the stamp of the Cabal , The banker puppet masters of the Zionist New World Empire Circle the world with the Serpent’s protocols . Depose the tyranny of private capital.

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