“The Real You Is the Whole Universe”

It is more than odd that I came across this video when I did, since being an old and ill individual, death has come to mind quite often recently. And the other night, being in somewhat of a depressed state, I had come to the conclusion that once through life is more than enough for me; I had decided I did not want another life after this one, and that non-existence was preferable to life. Not that I have any control over what happens after this life is over, no more than I had any control over my being here to begin with.

But then I came across the following message, and so I guess I am going to have to reconsider the subject of death once again:

The Real You Is the Whole Universe

by Zen Gardner

Who are you really? An amazing lecture given by Alan Watts a British philosopher, writer, and speaker. Speech extract from “Does it do you, or do you do it” by Alan Watts

Source: The Real You Is the Whole Universe – Zen Gardner

2 thoughts on ““The Real You Is the Whole Universe”

  1. I was going to comment but then realized that there was nothing, really, that I could say that hadn’t already been said by Watts and a whole lot more eloquently than I ever could. Very much enjoy Watts’ reflections and insights.

    But like you, I think ‘once’ will have been quite sufficient. I can’t say that I did not experience beauty and wonder while I lived and while I go on still.

    But I’m also aware of too many horrors having been and being experienced by far too many. That is the part that pushes me to embrace death as the mercy that it will be — at least in that particular respect.

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  2. This is where I am as well. There is much beauty and wonder to be found here, but the horror of the system that rules this world cancels out almost all of it, or at least for me.

    Thank you for your comment.

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