“Got Him!”

Got Him! by Rene Gade Source: Got Him! - Zen Gardner

The chronology of insanity

Please read the following, which was written by a person who has experienced this.

Turkey’s puppet government is being used by the West as a catalyst for the cold war going on, once again, with Putin and Russia.

The people of Turkey have been thrown into this mess by the powers that be, the powers that want a world wide war!

We need to start caring about all the people of this troubled planet, not just those in our own country!

unnecessary news from earth

It is supposed that all has begun three days ago. Three days ago, Turkish F-16 shot down Russian fighter Su-24 . This writing is about the sequential chronology of this insanity.

When I heard Su-24 was shot down, my brain began to throb. Because I was seeing what will come after this. Because I know the character of the people of Russia and Turkey. Basically the people on both sides are truehearted, but their nationalist behaviors can swell instant thrills. And both side are quite far to the point of being discreet.

And it has been as I expected. The more than what I expected came from the rest of the planet. Actually it was not more, hypocrisy was on stage again. Let’s see what happened before and last three days.
September 30, 2015

US Government has been asking Diyarbakir airbase, outside Incirlik military airbase in Turkey for a long…

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Those Oh So “Thankful” Mericans One Day Later!

Image: media.tumblr.com Boys and girls, can you say obnoxious gluttony? Can you say sickening and disgusting animal-like behavior? Can you say not-so-thankful hypocrites? Can you say moron-sheep to the slaughter? Image: chicagonow.com And you, Mr and Ms Merica, have the gull to ask why the rest of the people in this world despise you and … Continue reading Those Oh So “Thankful” Mericans One Day Later!

Günter Grass – “What Must Be Said”

Günter Grass - "What Must Be Said" by Patrick Willis Snordster The German Nobel Prize winning writer, Günter Grass, passed away at the age of 87 in the German city of Lubeck. His innovative art and striking personality have been shrouded in controversy, his strong political statements spurred most heated debates. Source: Günter Grass - … Continue reading Günter Grass – “What Must Be Said”


Be “thankful” for this, Mr and Ms Merica!


Tube Turkey 2015

Turkey Holocaust 2015

Well let’s dispel the Pilgrims, Ok?

You have been lied to.

Your parents lied to you.

The schools lied to you.

Even your favorite History Teacher lied to you.

Your pastor lied to you.

The President lied to you.

In sum ……. you have been lied to, period.

Thanksgiving doesn’t exist as described to you over your lifetime.

It is a story made up to look grand. But it is only a fictional story.

The fucking Pilgrims were not all smiley faced to break dry old bread with the fucking Indians who didn’t exist because the Pilgrim weren’t dining in India!

And just to be clear ………….. the Pilgrims were NOT a tolerant people because they had that Christian Cross stuck up their rectums and hell you have got to admit that is just not pleasant.

Now, much much later ol’ Ben Franklin proposed that the Turkey…

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The Dance of Illusions

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

At this time of year, when many families in the U.S. are celebrating Thanksgiving, I am reminded that it is a fictive holiday. It was initially celebrated in the 1600s by the descendants of European colonizers and immigrants to assert their sense of belonging in a nation founded on the genocide of indigenous peoples, massive land thefts and, in later years, the enslavement of darker skinned peoples from around the globe. For many descendants who describe themselves as a mix of ancestries, a “Heinz 57” of national and ethnic ancestries, Thanksgiving is an important holiday that symbolizes what is unique about their identity as real “Americans.” There is nothing real about nationalism – it is a social construction used to justify oppression and dispossession by “white-washing” history. But how are these descendants of colonizers able to learn the truth about history?

Photo Source: Daily News, 2013

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