“Blood Blood – The Chosen People of the Sun”

Take twenty minutes of your time and watch the following video, and then decide for your self if you still want to take part in this ancient world-system of politics, economics and religion. And by religion, I not only mean the three major religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity, The Unholy Trinity), I mean all religion, including atheism:

Blood Blood – The Chosen People of the Sun

by Elva Thompson

The history of the “chosen people” as you may not have heard it before. From Holographic Disclosure, this is knowledge you’ll never hear in the mainstream.

Source: Blood Blood – The Chosen People of the Sun – Zen Gardner

Want more?

“The real enemy is humanity itself:”

{Note: I am not in agreement with the speaker in the preceding video, when he refers to our “rights” according to the constitution. The U.S. Constitution is as much a part of this tyrannical illusion/matrix as anything mentioned in the video. See here. And I also reject most of the last twenty minutes of this video, since it attempts to mix the esoteric with materialist “science”: universal consciousness, “the Chakra”, “universal vibrations”, etc, with the Darwinian religion (evolution)}

The following video is an eye and mind opener:

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