The Global Movement for Participatory Democracy

The Most Revolutionary Act

Beyond Elections: Redefining Democracy in the Americas

Directed by Silvia Leindecker and Michael Fox

Film Review

Beyond Elections is about the global participatory democracy (aka direct or deliberative democracy) movement – the grassroots effort to replace so-called representative democracy (aka polyarchy*) with a process in which citizens participate directly in policy decisions that affect their lives. Historically participatory democracy began in ancient Athens, where people governed directly through large public assemblies (unfortunately assemblies were limited to free born men, who comprised only one-fifth of the population).

According to the filmmakers, participatory democracy died out until 1989, when the Brazilian Workers Party resurrected it in Porto Allegre Brazil by creating participatory budget assemblies. In my view, this isn’t strictly correct, as the Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin, who the Marxists expelled from the First International** , advocated for a system of participatory democracy called “collective anarchism.” Workers used participatory democracy to run…

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“We are Shadows of the Human Beings We Were Born, Inspired and Empowered to Be.”

Image: Over the past several months, I have purposely stayed away from posting esoteric material of any kind, since I no longer have any real clue as to what I truly "believe" about anything. But the following article contains far too much truth for me to just simply ignore: Eye of the Beholder by … Continue reading “We are Shadows of the Human Beings We Were Born, Inspired and Empowered to Be.”

“Society is a Hoax – Take Control of Your Life”

Society is a Hoax - Take Control of Your Life by Zen Gardner The inimitable Alan Watts on the social engineering program we’re born into that is nothing more than a fabricated hoax designed to quench your true nature. – Zen Listening is an action in which the miracle of understanding takes place If I … Continue reading “Society is a Hoax – Take Control of Your Life”

99% PROOF: How Uruguay Shifted From Fossil Fuels To 95% Clean Electricity In 10 Years

It can be done!


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“The country is defining global trends in renewable energy investment”:

As world leaders gather in Paris to discuss how to curb global climate change, the people of Uruguay are enjoying affordable clean energy with very little pollution.

Over the last decade, Uruguay has transitioned over from total reliance on dirty fossil fuels and is now getting more than 94 percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources. What’s more amazing is that Uruguay made the switch without any government subsidies and is now providing citizens with lower monthly energy bills than before.

“What we’ve learned is that renewables is just a financial business,” says Ramón Méndez, National Director of Energy. “The construction and maintenance costs are low, so as long as you give investors a secure environment, it is a very attractive [business].”

He is also quick to point out that while the plan they have followed is…

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