“Jon Snow on the Reality of Gaza”

The next time you get all tied up in red-white-and-blue knots over so-called 'antisemitic' remarks being made against the Zionist hoard in Israel, you might want to take three minutes of your time and watch the following sad and disturbing video. This video exposes what the Khazarian, Israeli Zionists are perpetrating on the legitimate Semitic … Continue reading “Jon Snow on the Reality of Gaza”

America: Land of the Programmed Ignorant & Paranoid!

Image: http://www.activistpost.com The following article/video is another example of the [programmed] herd-mentality that exists among the majority of Mericans today. And sadly, many young Mericans seem to be the worst of the lot: When Did People Stop Believing in Freedom? By Truthstream Media Almost every college student we asked today said that it is fine … Continue reading America: Land of the Programmed Ignorant & Paranoid!

ISIS Twitter Handles Traced To UK Government By Hackers

Concerned American Dad

There’s no shortage of speculation about the possible role the West plays in funding, arming, and otherwise assisting Islamic State.

The theories range from the outright conspiratorial (the CIA created and to this day supports the group) to the probable (the US and its allies saw the establishment of a Salafist principality in Syria as a potentially destabilizing event for the Assad government and so initially encouraged Islamic State’s rise, only to face the worst case of blowback the world has ever known).

Recent revelations about Turkey’s role in facilitating Islamic State’s 45,000 b/d illicit oil trade have only added fuel to the fire and little by little, the Western public is starting to wake up to the fact that ISIS is more than the progeny of Abu-Mus’ab al-Zarqawi – it’s an entity that enjoys a great degree of state sponsorship.

The question is this: which states ultimately participate in…

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The Mythology of Neoclassical Economics

Tales from the Conspiratum

Henry_George_circa_1880-1890Henry George

Neoclassical Economics as a Stratagem Against Henry George

By Mason Gaffney (2007)

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Book Review-Part I

Why do American school children study the beliefs of a German radical named Karl Marx, the villain Americans love to hate? Yet Henry George, whose views on land and tax reform gave rise to the Progressive and Populist movements of the 1900s, is totally absent from US history books. During the 1890s George, author of the 1879 bestseller Progress and Poverty, was the third most famous American, after Mark Twain and Thomas Edison. In 1896 he outpolled Teddy Roosevelt and was nearly elected mayor of New York.

In Neoclassical Economics as a Stratagem Against Henry George (2007), University of California economist Mason Gaffney argues that George and his Land Value Tax pose a far greater threat than Marx to America’s corporate elite. America’s enormous concentration of wealth has always depended…

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