Image: http://www.nowastrategia.org This image (above) is an aerial photograph of the fire-bombing [of the people] of Dresden, Germany, on February 13 and 14, 1945. This heinous crime against humanity was carried out by the British RAF; Britain being one of the so-called "Allied forces." And what was the real reason for this heinous crime against … Continue reading “Hellstorm”

Working Class Culture: a Sociological Study

Tales from the Conspiratum

worlds of pain

Worlds of Pain: Life in the Working Class Family

by Lillian Breslow Rubin

Basic Books (first edition 1976, revised 1992)

Book Review

An ebook version of Worlds of Pain can be borrowed free from Open Library

Worlds of Pain is one of the first mass marketed books to challenge the corporate/government myth that class differences vanished in the US with the post-World War II economic boom. Rubin herself (now deceased) came from a working class background. Reading her book in the early eighties was a big help in understanding why my working class background made me feel so alienated from my physician colleagues.

The book is based on a sociological study of fifty white Bay Area working class families and twenty-five professional families. On the basis of intensive interviews conducted over two years, Rubin concludes there are major cultural differences between upper middle income and low income families. She argues…

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How The Public Get Suckered By “News” Media Ignoring Reality – In this case Regarding ISIS

Concerned American Dad

by Eric Zuesse, originally posted at strategic-culture.org,

According to Russian Television on December 25th, Russian intelligence has counted “up to 12,000” tanker trucks filled with oil “on the Turkish-Iraqi border,” and “the final destination remains to be Turkey.” In addition, some of those trucks are still heading into Turkey from Syria, but their number is “decreased” because Russia’s Syrian bombing campaign, which started on September 30th, has, ever since they began bombing the oil trucks on November 18th, destroyed “up to 2,000” of those trucks, that were in Syria heading into Turkey.

According to the news report, Russia is requesting help from the U.S. coalition to bomb the “up to 12,000” trucks that are in Iraq carrying ISIS oil into Turkey. ISIS drives them there so that ISIS can become self-sustaining by the oil-sales. ISIS, which had long been supported by America’s allies the Arab oil potentates — all of whom…

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