Collective Anarchism: Alive and Well in Rome

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The Most Revolutionary Act

Radical Rome

Media-Lien (2015)

Film Review

Radical Rome is a short French documentary about Rome’s anarchist anti-austerity movement.

The film focuses mainly on private property the group has reclaimed as public space. One self-governing public space called ESC (Excel, Subtract, Create) has been occupied by activists for over 30 years and boasts a tea room, bike shop, cinema, theater, community kitchen, school for migrants and a sewing factory run by migrants. ESC is non-hierarchical and governs itself via weekly assemblies.

At present, Rome’s youth unemployment rate is 44%. Its anti-austerity movement is mainly driven by students, unemployed youth and older activists over 40.

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15 News Stories from 2015 You Should Have Heard About But Probably Didn’t

“Happy New Year?”

Guess again!

Tales from the Conspiratum

Here are 15 news stories with major implications that the media underreported in 2015.

Source: 15 News Stories from 2015 You Should Have Heard About But Probably Didn’t

Carey Wedler
December 30, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) In 2015, the iron fist of power clamped down on humanity, from warfare to terrorism (I repeat myself) to surveillance, police brutality, and corporate hegemony. The environment was repeatedly decimated, the health of citizens was constantly put at risk, and the justice system and media alike were perverted to serve the interests of the powers that be.

However, while 2015 was discouraging for more reasons than most of us can count, many of the year’s most underreported stories evidence not only a widespread pattern that explicitly reveals the nature of power, but pushback from human beings worldwide on a path toward a better world.

 1. CISA Pushed Through the Senate, Effectively Clamping…

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“Zionism is Racism”

Image: We have been fed a steady diet of lies about what is really happening in the Middle-East. We have been fed these lies, because this government has been heavily infiltrated, and is being partially or fully controlled, by the Zionist/Israeli elite-powers, including the Zionist banking-cartel, which slithered into existence in Europe around three-hundred … Continue reading “Zionism is Racism”

‘Breaking the Silence’: IDF Whistleblowers Expose Reality of Occupation to Israelis

Here is proof that not all Jewish people, in Israel or elsewhere, support the Zionists and their heinous crimes against the Palestinian people and other nations. When we go after Israel for its criminal policies and atrocities, we need to be certain we are attacking Zionism/Zionists, and not the entirety of the Jewish people. Just … Continue reading ‘Breaking the Silence’: IDF Whistleblowers Expose Reality of Occupation to Israelis

Which came first, the prayer or the bomb? (a poem)

Systemic Disorder

My God is bigger than your God
My weapons are bigger than your weapons
Because my God is bigger than your God
My country is wealthier than your country
Because my weapons are bigger than your weapons
My God is bigger than your God
Because my country is wealthier than your country

God likes the United States more than other countries
Because God helps those who help themselves
And no country helps itself to other countries’ wealth like the United States
God likes a winner
And the United States is the biggest winner since the Roman Empire
God liked the Roman Empire
Even though it used to persecute the church
But in the end the Romans made the church official
And then the church replaced the Romans
So it all worked out in the end

Roman Empire gladiatorsIt is possible to know what God wants
God speaks through the Republican Party platform

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