First 2016 Deviant Memes

Tales from the Conspiratum

This one has to be repeated ad nauseam, as it is too difficult for the average person to realize that the 9/11 false flag op was the perfect cover for the disappearance of that money. I can’t even comprehend the immensity of such number. What the heck does 2.3 trillion dollars look like?

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Celebrating 22 Years of Zapatismo

The Most Revolutionary Act

One of the most successful examples of collective anarchism – from Mexico.

The anniversary of the EZLN’s uprising is a chance to reflect on the Zapatista movement’s achievements and lessons that are still relevant today.

By Hilary Klein

Jan. 1 marks the 22nd anniversary of the Zapatista uprising and more than 30 years since the formation of the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (Zapatista Army of National Liberation, EZLN).
On January 1, 1994, the EZLN captured the world’s imagination when it rose up to demand justice and democracy for the indigenous peasants of southern Mexico. Since that brief armed insurrection, the EZLN has become known more for its peaceful mobilizations, dialogue with civil society, and structures of political, economic, and cultural autonomy. Over the past three decades, the Zapatista movement has won significant changes in its own territory and has inspired other social movements in Mexico and around the world…

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