Unity in Diversity

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

Métis, Melungeon, Mulatto
Mixes of many nations
Often shamed and assigned
To societies’ lowest stations

Sometimes produced by conquest
Other times by choice
Signifying shared humanity
Giving diversity – a unified voice

It’s time to stand together
Clothed with wisdom and pride
Leading the way to understanding
Overcoming distinctions that divide

rainbow 2

Photo: Embroidery by Carol A. Hand

Descendants of the rainbow
No matter the circumstances of birth
Regardless of the names assigned
All beautiful humans of immeasurable worth

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Always, too early . . . Always, too late . . .

Taking Sides

Always, too early . . . Always, too late . . .


We really are staring into an abyss:

They show us what they are,

That there are no limits they will not transgress.


Through their eyes,

The lives of others mean less, far less than nothing,

You, me . . . our children.


How can I stop it?  I cannot.

Not for those for whom it is already too late.

Not for those to whom the calamity will yet befall.


It has the feel of a nightmare,

Of what is most frightening,

Of what is most unreal.

It is a nightmare.  It is worse than a nightmare.

It is real.


. . . I wanted to make a plea.

I cannot.  Always, it is out of time.  Always, too early . . .

Always, too late . . .


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Monday’s Terrifying, Deviant, and Dangerous Memes

Tales from the Conspiratum

The same companies that make pesticides, proven to cause cancer, make cancer drugs….also proven to cause cancer. At this link we have a trailer for the brilliant documentary titled, “The Idiot Cycle”. A story of how ruling families have hijacked government and are making the eugenic poisoning of the population legal, warm, fuzzy and offical. bit.ly/1S5UoAT

Source: Sustainable Living

Tourya Dijkstra

-GET Involved! You live here-

On hypocrisy

-GET Involved! You live here-

More on hypocrisy, fake tears,  and psychopathology

-GET Involved! You live here-

-GET Involved! You live here-

-GET Involved! You live here-

Police The Police

Erin Janus

Erin Janus

Erin Janus

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“1798: Proofs of a Conspiracy”

Image: img.ifcdn.com According to the following article, it would appear that there were individuals, over two-hundred years ago, who correctly saw coming what many of us, today, have been writing about for quite a while now. It would seem that "conspiracy theorists" are, more often than not, revealing not only the truth that is, but … Continue reading “1798: Proofs of a Conspiracy”

An Introduction to Technofeudalism Ascending

“…It [technofeudalism] is about instituting whatever policies, instigating whatever wars, bringing about whatever revolutions, and causing whatever levels of misery are deemed necessary for enforced mass compliance. Its tools include both neoliberal and neoconservative ideology, artificial scarcity, education reduced to job training, and fear induction through constant pontificating about “terrorism” amidst random and often-depraved acts of violence, reducing as many as possible to a status of permanently cash-strapped, mentally paralyzed subjects — living amidst the most advanced technology in human history, but equivalent to serfs (“owned” as de facto property by “their” governments, employers, etc., as in medieval feudal systems of old). Hence, the term technofeudalism…”

Desultory Heroics



Source: BATR.org

The future of the planetary Reign of Terror has never been clearer. The pattern for global governance has been set into motion and operates under a model that has been used throughout much of history. The modern day version of command and control can be effectively described as Technofeudalism. The purpose of this introduction is to provide an outline of the arguments used by Steven Yates, Ph.D. The link to this significant treatise is provided below. In addition News With Views maintains an extensive archives of Dr. Yates’ work. Invest the time to read the entire essay for a full understanding of the linkage behind Technofeudalis and the course for top down dominance.

Technofeudalism Ascending comprises nine sections. Dr. Yates provides the following preface.

My book Four Cardinal Errors (2011) introduced the idea of technofeudalism. Though a bit of a mouthful, this is…

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