“How Tavistock Invented The Beatles, Stones and Grateful Dead”

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I have written on this controversial topic before (here).

The rabbit hole is deep and very dark, Alice:

How Tavistock Invented The Beatles, Stones and Grateful Dead


“The fact that “The Beatles” had their music and lyrics written for them by Theo Adorno was concealed from public view.” John Coleman, former MI6 agent.

{Paul and John giving Masonic Illuminate Hand signals on Yellow Submarine album cover. Paul with the “666” hand sign, John with the Horned Hand.}

{Stones Logo: Sticking your tongue out against the Establishment.}

“The Rolling Stones were mastered by a Order of Malta member by the name of Prince Rupert Loewenstein who sponsored the ‘Sympathy for the Devil‘ track back in 1968. This Prince was also a member of the very powerful Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George which is close in power to the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, both being higher than the Order of Malta. (The Order of Malta, SMOM, is the military arm of the Vatican here)

It was called the “British Invasion”. The 60’s began a time of “question authority”, grow your hair long, hippies and flower power and morphed in with the Anti War gang of “hell no we won’t go!”

All by design, all by planning to mind control and manipulate what the Baby Boomer (Doomer) generation thought, the language and slang used and the behavior control of the masses.

Yes, it is interesting to note that the Tavistock Institute of Human Relation, as well as, it’s child organization: The Stanford Research Institute, developed The Grateful Dead, among other things.

You can see that Alan Trist, a social engineer for the Tavistock Institute, became the shadow manager of the Dead. His father, Eric Trist, was one of the principle founding members of Tavistock.

It was part of the development of a dynamic psychological warfare model to be used on foreign and domestic populations, modeled, ultimately, on the Lord Gordon Riots in London and the Jacobin Terror of the French Revolution. The purpose was to mobilize mobs in ideological opposition to the state, as a mass destabilization operation. (Source)

Rebellion against society, let your hair grow…turn on, tune out, as millions of tabs of LSD appeared into the hippie scene from CIA laboratories and promotion provided by Harvard CIA asset, Timothy Leary and distribution aided by the likes of the Grateful Dead. (source)

The men buried in the think tanks and research institutions, whose names and faces are still not known to but a few people, made sure that the press played its part. Conversely, the media’s important role in not exposing the power behind the future cultural shocks made certain that the source of the crisis was never identified.

Thus was our society driven mad through psychological shocks and stress. “Driven mad” is taken from Tavistock’s training manual. From its modest beginnings in 1921, Tavistock was ready in 1966 to launch a major irreversible cultural revolution in America, which has not yet ended. The Aquarian Conspiracy is part of it.

The Beatles (good, bad boys) and the Stones (sympathy for the Devil) were two sides of a same coin that was minted by the Tavistock Institute to introduce a new generation to a new language and a new cultural upbringing around alleged freedoms to thing for yourself and liberties to take drugs and become counter-culture.

….and it was all manufactured. The lyrics form the Beatles, the covers for the Rolling Stones albums, their managers (or handlers) were all derived from the Tavistock Institute as is their name is for the control of “Human Behavior”… (emphasis added)

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Source: How Tavistock Invented The Beatles, Stones and Grateful Dead – Zen Gardner

4 thoughts on ““How Tavistock Invented The Beatles, Stones and Grateful Dead”

  1. You know, I read this yesterday, and I kind of believe he is right, but we grew up with them Beatles and Stones. Inside I wish for this story to be false, to go away, but it ain’t that easy, is it? Damn the Illuminati!

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  2. I hear you. And the list is a lot longer than just these three.

    Many of the American rockers from the ’60s and ’70s had parents who were involved in the government. Some even believe Stephen Stills had been one of the early military ‘advisers’ sent to Vietnam by Kennedy.

    It’s all so fucked up!

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  3. It deflated my love for Rock music. I grew up on it. These days, it’s back to classics, pure non-industry music, such as ethnic or spiritual stuff, and my own guitar. I honestly don’t know what to do about all those tunes in my head.

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  4. You don’t have to give up on the tunes in your head. There is always Independent music: MP3,com, etc.

    I strictly do music for my own enjoyment. And I enjoy it more now, since I am no longer concerned with the career aspect.


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