“The New York Times Publishes Sandy Hook Disinformation and Propaganda”

Image: zengardner.com False-flag after false-flag, hoax after hoax, media manipulation after media manipulation, government/media lie after government/media lie: the same old elite-swine owned and operated, U.S. Corporation concocted propaganda, the same old tired shit, over and over again. DUPLICITY: deceitfulness; double-dealing. synonyms: deceitfulness, deceit, deception, double-dealing, underhandedness, dishonesty, fraud, fraudulence, sharp practice, chicanery, trickery, subterfuge, … Continue reading “The New York Times Publishes Sandy Hook Disinformation and Propaganda”

Saturday’s Subversive and Horrible Commie Memes

A Unified Theory of Corruption – The Deep State

Desultory Heroics


LongTime Capitol Hill Insider Exposes the Kind of Government We Really Have

By Jeff Schechtman

Source: WhoWhatWhy.org

The Holy Grail of physics has always been to find what Einstein called a Unified Field Theory, or, as we’ve come to know it today, a theory of everything. One idea, one set of equations that could explain the physical universe.

Imagine if such a thing existed in government and politics. If we could look at the last 40 years of upheaval, change, and political dislocation, and find the one thread that explains it all.

The term “The Deep State” originated in the Ottoman Empire — where the Turks recognized that their leaders owed allegiance to elites, and placed the opportunities and prerogatives of nationalism, corporatism, and elites over the interest of its citizens.

Today, the term is just as apt. Those same allegiances on the part of today’s leaders may just be…

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