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Official Science: The Grand Illusion

Image: http://www.dailyalternative.co.uk Again and again I have made the claim that materialist science ("official science") is merely a state religion, and not the pursuer, the source, of knowledge it so falsely claims to be. Official science is simply another tentacle of the corporate-capitalist machinery ("the military-industrial complex"); it exists to further the psychopathic agendas of … Continue reading Official Science: The Grand Illusion

A Syrian Soldier Speaks | Hands Off Syria

Taking Sides

(Hat tip to OffGuardian and thewallwillfall)

Norm’s note: if you are pressed for time, you should at least listen to what this soldier relates between the time markers 16 and 19 minutes.  It speaks to honor and dignity preserved in extremity, to an incident worth honoring in our own memory and retelling.

Published on 18 May 2014

Interview in Damascus, December 2013

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