Muslim Group Donating 30,000 Bottles of Water to Lead-Poisoned Flint*

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Muslim Group Donating 30,000 Bottles of Water to Lead-Poisoned Flint*

By Everett Numbers

The Michigan chapter of international Muslim organization Who is Hussain? pledged to donate 30,000 bottles of water to Flint, Michigan, where the local, state, and federal governments have all declared a state of emergency over lead contamination in the water supply.

We saw what needed to be done and we decided to do it. We reached out to schools, neighbours, friends, mosques, anyone and everyone to help us by donating a case of water, or money towards a case,” Dr. Aziza Askari, the head of the non-profit’s chapter told the Washington Times.

Two years ago, Flint officials switched the city’s water source in an attempt to save money, but neglected to take proper precautions. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has received the brunt of the blame, allegedly ignoring citizen complaints of lead in…

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The Mechanics Of A Free Society

Desultory Heroics


By Colin Turner

Source: Freeworlder

Most people who have given any consideration to a moneyless, ‘free world’ society are already aware that we have the technology today to create a world of abundance without the constraints and inequality of the traditional market system, owing to how much human labour can now be efficiently automated.

Without scarcity, and a massive reduction in the need for labour, money effectively becomes obsolete. That’s the theory. But it’s not the full story, nor does it convince everybody who comes into contact with the theory. In fact, it convinces surprisingly few indeed.

In my opinion, this kind of super-advanced “Star Trek” moneyless society is still quite a distance away – not because we lack the technology – but because we humans lack the openness and understanding required to make it work.

A truly free society should be just that – unlimited, self-determining and self-organising for…

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