“Direct From the Farmer” Gains Ground – Zen Gardner

The new government in Poland is responding to our campaign to free-up the drastically repressive food and hygiene regulations that have dogged the country’s farmers for decades.

Source: “Direct From the Farmer” Gains Ground – Zen Gardner

2 thoughts on ““Direct From the Farmer” Gains Ground – Zen Gardner

  1. The US and its English-speaking allies seem to be going the opposite direction with their UN-sponsored codex alimentarius laws – these laws are imprisoning people for selling raw milk (which contains beneficial bacteria), as well as banning farmers from selling meat they have butchered themselves and strictly limiting the sale of all food that doesn’t come from Food Inc.

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  2. I know.

    They wouldn’t be able to poison as many of us, if a majority of us were getting our food from local, independent farmers.

    Agendas 21/2030 (depopulation) would suffer, and they can’t have that!


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